Welcome to the SPSFA 2019/20 season!

Welcome to the SPSFA (Southport Primary School Football Association) website, designed and created by Nick Dempster (Norwood Primary School). This is the home for all results for league and cup games for all 27 teams that represent every Primary School in the Southport area.

Please use the links below to access relevant information from the 2019 AGM:


AGM 2019 minutes

Leagues are now live, and will be updated as the results start to come in. Cup fixtures can also be found on the respective pages. Tournament groups will be emailed either via Mike Smethurst or myself nearer the time.

League formations for 2019/20

Due to the success of last season's new format, the leagues will be played in the same way in the 2019/20 season. The format are as follows:

Stage One

4 initial groups based on location of schools:

Teams will play at a central venue and will play everyone within their group once

over 2 dates:

Matchday 1 : week beginning Monday 23rd September

Matchday 2: week beginning Monday 14th October

During these fixtures, schools would have either 3 or 4 games to play. Each group would play on a different night.

Stage Two

Once all games have been played the top 2, middle 2 and bottom 2 from each league join another league so standard of teams should be similar.

The Leagues will be played using one of the following formats to be agreed before Christmas. (This will be agreed by a majority of the team managers from that league)

Format 1:

● Teams playing everyone within their group once over a number of weeks as a typical league format - either home or away at one of the schools.

League games to be completed by Thursday 29th March


Format 2:

● Teams will play at a central venue and will play everyone within their group once over 2 dates:

Matchday 3 : week beginning Monday 4th February

Matchday 4: week beginning Monday 11th March

During these fixtures, schools would have either 2 or 3 games to play. Each group would pay on a different night.

Untitled spreadsheet


There will be rolling substitutes and the squad number is unlimited.

Duration of matches

Games played on one night will be of 20 minute duration (10 minutes each way).

Other format of games (one game on one night) will be played of 40 minutes duration (20 minutes each way)

Deciding the Outcome

The maximum score reported is 9-0 as goal difference will not be used to determine the winners of leagues. Leagues are decided by points and then the aggregate score between the tied teams.

If the teams are still tied, the League may be decided by play-off at a neutral venue with a neutral referee if both teams agree.

Any team not fulfilling their fixtures on the specified days will have their invitation to take part in the further leagues withdrawn

If you find any mistakes on the website or have any comments/suggestions please let me know - spsfa1@gmail.com!

For any enquiries about leagues or cups that are not website related, you will need to contact Paul Hooton (Ainsdale Primary) or Lee Dumbell (Norwood Primary). If necessary, use the contact details form to ask for their information.