Welcome to the SPSFA 2017/18 season!

Welcome to the SPSFA (Southport Primary School Football Association) website, designed and created by Nick Dempster (Norwood Primary School). This is the home for all results for league and cup games for all 27 teams that represent every Primary School in the Southport area.

As discussed in the 2017 AGM, at least two league games  must be played before the Christmas break. Any teams that have not completed at least one of their cup games by this time will risk being kicked out of the competition. If you are trying to arrange a game and the other manager is being difficult on setting a date, speak to Paul Hooton, Lee Dumbell or myself (Nick Dempster) as soon as possible! The committee's decision will be final on any of these rulings.

New rules regarding number of players:

In an effort to make games more competitive, the following rules have been added to trial this season:

Number of players – mid game

  • Once there is a goal difference of 3 in a game, the losing team can send on an extra player to make them a team of 8 (even someone who has played the maximum of two periods already).

  • If the losing team reduce the deficit to 2, that player will then be removed and they will back to 7 players.

  • If there is a goal difference of 5 in game, the losing team can then send on another extra player to make them a team of 9.

  • If the deficit is reduced to 4, that player will be removed and they will be back down to 8 players and so on.

Minutes and Notes from the AGM can now be found here:

Leagues are now live, and will be updated as the results start to come in. Cup fixtures can also be found on the respective pages. Tournament groups are online, but the dates for those tournaments are only preliminary and yet to be confirmed.

Please can you send your contact details and team kit colours as soon as possible for me to update (I know there have been a couple of changes to managers). 

Do you want a photograph of your team published in the photo gallery? send your team photographs with any relevant details to spsfa1@gmail.com!
 If you find any mistakes on the website or have any comments/suggestions please let me know - spsfa1@gmail.com!

For any enquiries about leagues or cups that are not website related, you will need to contact Paul Hooton (Ainsdale Primary) or Lee Dumbell (Norwood Primary). If necessary, use the contact details form to ask for their information.


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