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Representative Council

Representative Council

The decision-making body of the Association is the Representative Council. The Representative Council consists of the elected officers and representatives from each building.  Each building or worksite may have one representative for each twenty-five SEA members (or portion thereof).

The Representative Council normally meets on the first Monday of each month at 4:15 p.m. The meetings are open to all members and are usually held at the OEA UniServ Office at 2815, Coburg Road, Eugene, Oregon, 97408.



Building Representatives

Centennial Elementary                Carol Granados, Aly Nestler, Amy Petty

Douglas Gardens Elementary    Tracy George
Guy Lee Elementary                    Jim Farah
Maple Elementary                        Karen Coldren
Mt. Vernon Elementary                Sue Wright, Colleen Hunter 
Page Elementary                         Bethany Boardrow, Jesse Grasseth
Ridgeview Elementary                Carrie Langer, Neil Baird, Karen Babcock
Riverbend Elementary                 Heather Klym
Thurston Elementary                    Kurt Bonar,  RoseAnn Coe

Two Rivers/Dos Rios                   Cheryl Dixon, Mike McGraw, Jenny Orlandini
Walterville Elementary                 Katie Stocks, Sarah Bosch
Yolanda Elementary                     Kristin Woodford



Building Representatives


Administration Building              

Agnes Stewart Middle                 

Briggs Middle                              Mikell Harshbarger, Nathan Klarr

Hamlin Middle                              Trena Jayne, Ashley Lavelle, Jennifer Backer

Thurston Middle                           Cliff Lyddane, Eric Orlinski

Springfield High                           Clark Morberg, Maria Sayre, Shannon Clark

Thurston High                               Chris Jesser, John Lee, John Carey

Gateways                                      Marie Coonradt

A3                                                 Josh Metzger