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Executive Board

2016-17 Springfield Education Association Executive Board 


Anne Goff
Bio: Anne has taught in Springfield for 23 years, mostly in kindergarden and 1st grade. She currently teaches 1st grade at Riverbend. Anne has worn a number of hats including: a building rep for 10 years, insurance committee member, co-grievance chair, PNC chair, on the bargaining team, and SEA vice president.

Laurel Ross / Page Elementary School
Vice President and Insurance Committee Chair
Bio: Laurel is a music teacher and is currently on SEA vice president as well as a member district insurance committee.  Laurel is also an OEA-RA delegate and an NEA-RA delegate.  When she is not working, she loves to travel, read, watch college sports and play cards of all sorts!

Kristin Woodford / Yolanda Elementary School
Bio: Stacey has taught in Springfield for over a decade, working at various high schools. She currently teaches Special Education at SHS. Stacey has been a building rep, a SPARKS coordinator, OEA-RA and NEA-RA delegate. In her "free time," she enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and rafting, as well as volleyball.

Jim Tyser / Springfield High School
Bio:  Jim has taught in Springfield for many years after coming to us from Lebanon SD. He currently teaches advanced chemistry and other science courses at SHS. He spent a year in Turkey on a Fulbright exchange. Jim is a hiker, biker, camper, fisher, backpacker extraordinaire. He also enjoys bargaining for SEA and is appreciative of his nightly meetings with SEA colleagues. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his son Pepper Jack.
  Laura Scruggs / Administration Building
Bargaining Chair 
Bio: Laura has taught in Springfield for many years after coming to us from Bandon SD. She currently teaches 7th grade language arts/social studies block at Briggs Middle School. Laura loves the color lime green, and has two adorable sons. When not enjoying her role as bargaining chair, Laura likes to scrapbook, read-read-read, and is also a member of the Home Depot house painting club.

Chris Jesser / Thurston High School
Special Education Representative 

Bio: Chris is a twenty-second year Special Educator at Thurston High School. She has worked for SEA as a THS building rep and an OEA-RA rep. Chris enjoys gardening, canoeing, bicycling, camping and cooking. 


Rhiannon Kerr / Thurston Middle School
Middle School Representative
Hillary Galloway / Mohawk Elementary School
Elementary School Representative

Bio: Hillary has taught since 1997 in grades 2-5. She joined Springfield Schools in 2003. For SEA, she has served as a Building Rep, an Exec Board Rep, and an OEA-RA delegate. When playing, she enjoys spending time with her family listening to music, camping, skiing and traveling.

Fewer Than 10 Years Representative
Kristin Woodford / Yolanda Elementary School
Initial Licensure Representative

Bio: Kristin has taught in Springfield for about the same length of time as Matt. She currently teaches elementary music and orchestra at Yolanda Elementary. Kristin is the designer and genius behind the SEA bulletin board at the OEA office. She is an avid flute player, and when not being musical, she assists Matt in their cat training. Kristin is a gourmet cook, preparing exotic dishes nightly, and dreams one day of preparing the SEA end of year banquet.