Athletics Rules & Player Caps


Junior Division: Grade 6/7

Senior Division: Grade 8

A student may play “up”, but if they do so, they may NOT play in the lower division

Girls can play on boys teams if there is no girls team offered.


Due to transportation and awards teams will have caps. ** One coach per team **

Slo-Pitch:15 players  

Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Indoor Cricket: 12 players and coaches and travel three teams per bus when applicable. 

Field Hockey, Soccer: 17 players

Co-Ed Ball hockey: 14 (Minimum 2 girls (not including goalies) & 2 boys on each shift and up to 2 goalies)

Cross Country,  and Track & Field: one bus per school *Transportation may or may not be covered*(43 total with students and coaches).  

New and other sports will be determined at a later date.

*** NOTE: Absolutely NO PRIORITY BUSING.  If you run an event, your team will go on a shared bus.  You need to book set up time into your tournament schedule.

Please refer to these rules when convening your athletics tournaments: 

Triple Ball rules are found under the Volleyball rules & Slo-Pitch rules are also with 3 Pitch rules 
SPESPHEA Cricket Rules


Awards: Will be sent to hosts and will adhere to the sport team limit mentioned above. Pennants for the Champions will also continue to be awarded.  

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