Justification - judge for yourself

Township employees and officials gave the following reasons for removing every tree in the right-of-way on Sperry Road regardless of species, size, position/proximity to the road, or role they were playing in erosion control:

  • The township was receiving matching funds to pave and ditch the road from an Ohio Public Works grant and it was an OPW requirement that they remove the trees. See OPWC.
  • Their shade was causing the road to deteriorate. See Shade.
  • ORC 5543.14, removal of tree in the right of way, which states trees may be removed "as is necessary in the engineer's or board's judgment to facilitate the right of the public to improvement and maintenance of, and uninterrupted travel on, county and township roads. " http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/5543.14 See ORC.
  • A tree in the right of way had fallen on a car and that individual had sued the township. See Risk Mitigation
  • They blocked homeowners’ clear view of the road from driveways. See Driveways.

Documents that challenge the soundness of these as justification for cutting 100+ trees can be found on the individual pages.