A.P. Senior Literature

NOTE: All assignments must be turned in by the assigned due date. There is NO excuse for not turning in assignments on time. If you are going to be absent, turn it in early. WORK NOT TURNED IN ON TIME WILL RECEIVE NO CREDIT.

Upcoming Assignments and due dates for The Research Paper and Presentation:

Note: Check the pages on the sidebar to the left for information on formatting, The Research Paper, and How to be Considered for an "A". They will be helpful.

Writing Assignment: Research Topic Description:
    Describe your topic, tell why you chose it, and briefly summarize what you currently 
     know about it. Due: Thursday,  4/2  

 Writing Assignment: Formal Outline of your Research Paper, correctly formatted: Due Friday, 4/24.

Writing Assignment: First Draft of your research paper, correctly formatted: Due Monday, 5/18.

Your first draft of your Research Paper needs to have the following to be considered for an "A":

    A working thesis statement (in progress)
    At least 1 1/2 to 2 pages of writing
    At least one (preferably 2 or more) parenthetical citations in your text
    A separate Works Cited page with at least 2 sources entered
Final Draft of Research Paper due Friday, 5/29. Presentations begin Friday, 5/22. Your paper will be worth a total of 200 points, and your presentation will be worth a total of 100 points. Do them. On time.

The Booktalks Written Assignment:
    The written portion of the Booktalks assignment will be due Monday, 3/16. We will begin the Booktalks Presentations Friday, 3/13. These two assignments will be your grade for the 3rd quarter Final. They are important. Get them done, and do them well. 

The assignment listed below is available starting Monday, 1/19/15.

Extended Assignment: 
    Since this is an Extended Assignment, it is not mandatory; however, doing the assignment will earn you extra (up to 20) points toward your final semester grade. It is the ONLY Extended Assignment offered this semester. The assignment is as follows:

    Come after school (if you have a 7th period, we can make special arrangements), to conference with me. You should be prepared to deal with specific subjects of your choice, such as, but not limited to, your progress in the class, strategies to improve your performance, or your life after high school. You may even seek assistance on a personal issue you think may be keeping you from doing your best. The purpose of this meeting is not only to help you improve, but to learn to approach and develop relationships with your current and future instructors. It will last about five minutes, or longer if necessary.

    I know some of you have already conferenced with me for various reasons. You are always welcome to come to me with questions or concerns; however, to make this count for extended credit, you must meet with me after school, anytime during the first quarter.

    Any conferencing done with me after the third quarter will not count for Extended Credit.  I'm looking forward to meeting with those of you who choose to take advantage of this assignment.

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