Southside Park Neighborhood Association (a nonprofit organization)
Sacramento, California
Southside Park Neighborhood is R Street to Highway 50 as the north and south boundaries; 12th Street to I-5 as the east and west boundaries.
We generally meet on the second Monday of every month from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.  We meet at "the clubhouse" in Southside Park: 2051 6th Street, next door to the swimming pool. Our recent activities include free yoga on Saturday mornings at 10 am in the clubhouse; a Little Library (take a book, leave a book) from 10 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday, also in the clubhouse; and various picnics and holiday events. Our councilmember Steve Hansen sponsors movies in the park in the summer. He and a school board member Jay Hansen (no relation to Steve) sponsor Free Swim nights at the pool several times each summer.
Southside Park Volunteer Corps, a committee of SPNA, organizes periodic volunteer clean-ups of Southside Park. Contact Gordon Lane at gordon.lane@gmail.com.
If you are new to Southside or have issues, ideas or concerns about your neighborhood, please attend our meetings and/or contact us at southsidepark@gmail.com or (916) 542-2518 (voicemail/fax).  
Current board members as of 2/2017:
Marni Leger (President)  southsidepark@gmail.com
Gordon Lane (Vice President)           
Don Knutson (Treasurer) 
Will Rowe (Acting Secretary)
Tony Lopez (founding board member) 
Sean Manwaring
Felix Nera
Susan Bush

Bill Magavern

See Files in the column on the left for info on SPNA and issues of interest.

We have an email group for the discussion of topics and the sharing of information related to the Southside Park neighborhood at:

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/spna2003/. If you don't have a Yahoo account and want to join our email list, please email us at southsidepark @gmail.com and we will add you to a supplemental email list.  

For info about the email group or this web site, contact us at southsidepark@gmail.com or leave a message at (916) 542-2518.

We have also started using a private social media site, Nextdoor Southside Park.  It could eventually supplant our email group, but for now we are using both. All neighbors with internet access are encouraged to sign up by clicking here.

Lastly, NextDoor.com has become a popular way for neighbors to connect. Go to nextdoor.com and join your neighborhood group for information on events, alerts, items for sale, and much more.