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About SDRC

What We Believe:
The South Dakota Reading Council is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to enhancing reading instruction and promoting the love of literature through a lifetime of literacy.
The South Dakota Reading Council is a professional organization for individuals who are genuinely concerned with the improvement of reading programs and teaching procedures, both developmental and remedial, for children and adults.  As an affiliate of the International Reading Association, the South Dakota Reading Council supports the goals of the Association and has established the following objectives: 

Goal 1: Professional Development

  • Plan a sequence of professional development activities.

  • Dialog with political leaders regarding national and state issues/status of education.

  • Promote Teachers as Readers.

Goal 2: Advocacy

  • Publicize IRA resolutions, and promote development of SDRC resolutions.

  • Promote lifelong literacy.

  • Recognize the accomplishments of individuals, local councils, and other professional organizations.

  • Be pro-active on political decisions relative to education.

  • Plan and conduct a statewide Literacy Day.

  • Complete and publish a state newsletter and a Speaker’s Bureau Guide.

 Goal 3: Partnerships

  • Plan an annual SDRC Conference.

  • Seek and promote involvement with other professional groups, such as Center for the Book.

Goal 4: Research Database

  • Complete a written report of committee activities for Summer and Winter Leadership.

  • Encourage specified committees to submit articles to the SDRC Newsletter.

  • Identify topics for the research committee.

Goal 5: Global Issues

  • Promote IRA membership with local councils.

  • Maintain a world-wide website for the South Dakota Reading Council.

  • Identify and participate in an international literacy project.