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Worship Services for July & August are Sundays at 9:30 AM

Missions Committee Food Drive 

June through July

The Summer project is for the Holbrook Food Pantry. This pantry serves both Holbrook and Avon residents who qualify. They pass out pre-bagged groceries on the second Saturday of each month. The following Monday, qualified seniors can go and “shop” for their groceries. They hope to offer this service to seniors and disabled more often.

We are helping them by donating items on their

Senior Wishlist items include:

Small cans of baked beans

Small cans of vegetables

Cans of fruit 

Mac & cheese

Spaghetti sauce / pasta

Rice pilaf

Jelly / peanut butter


Toilet paper 

Dishwashing liquid

Any other non perishable item is always appreciated.

Please take the above list when grocery shopping as a reminder to pick up an item or two. There will be a table set up in Fellowship Hall for donations.

View of Sunset Lake from steeple.

 Every Sunday morning, our historic tower bell is still rung, 

calling people together for Worship.

Young and not so young ring the bell.

We are located at 1075 Washington Street ( the intersection of Pond Street and Washington Street) in Braintree MA. 

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Sunday Services are at 10:30 AM 

(Summer Services in July and August are at 9:30)

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