• Univ. of Bergen, Dept. of Philosophy 
Current PhD supervision:

- Mark Young (History and Phil. of Science)
- Ragnhild Jordahl (Metaphysics, Necessity, Laws of Nature)

Teaching materials available on Mitt UiB 

Fall 2017
- Philosophy of Science (upper undergrad. and grad.)
- Epistemology (upper undergrad. and grad.)

Spring 2017
- Introduction to Theoretical Philosophy (undergrad.)
- Metaphysics (upper undergrad. & graduate)

Fall 2016
- Philosophy of Natural Science (upper undergrad. & graduate)
- Graduate Proseminar

Fall 2012 - Spring 2016
Introduction to Theoretical Philosophy (undergrad.)
- Topics in Philosophy of Natural Science (upper undergrad. & graduate) 
- Graduate Proseminar
- Philosophy of Science (upper undergrad. & graduate)
- Science in Social Context (upper undergrad. & graduate)
- Metaphysics (upper undergrad. & graduate)
  •  Univ. of Illinois (U-C), Dept. of Philosophy (2010-2012)
Theory of Knowledge (PHIL 430; graduate code: G3)
Contextualism in Epistemology (Independent study, graduate)
Contemporary Phil of Science (PHIL 471; grad code: G1)
Intro to Philosophy (PHIL 101)
Intro to Ethics (PHIL 105)
Logic and Reasoning (PHIL 102)
  • Univ. of Cambridge, Dept. of History and Philosophy of Science (2008-2010)

Lectures for Part IB and Part II HPS, Paper 4:
Scientific methodology, Bayesianism
Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Mathematics

MPhil seminars on Scientific progress (2010) and Induction, Underdetermination, and Scientific realism (2009)

Part II, Part III, MPhil supervisions
PhD dissertation supervision

  • Univ. of Western Ontario, Dept. of Philosophy (2007-2008)

Intro to the Theory of Knowledge [PHL 200 F, G] – Fall, Spring 2007-8 

  • Univ. of Toronto , Dept. of Philosophy (2005-2006)

Seminar in Philosophy of Science: Naturalism [PHL 415] Fall 2006
Knowledge and Reality [PHL 232] Summer 2006
Modern Symbolic Logic [PHL 245] Spring - Summer 2005

  • Trent University (Ontario), Dept. of Philosophy (2006-2007)

Metaphysics and Epistemology [PHIL 320] Fall 2006 - Spring 2007