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  • Complete drafts. Please contact me if interested
Discontinuities and Singularities, Data and Phenomena: For Referentialism
Synthese. Forthcoming.
Invited submission for the special issue Infinite Idealizations in Science. ed. by P. Palacios, S. Fletcher, L. Ruetsche, E. Shech

The 'Miracle' of Applicability? The Curious Case of the Simple Harmonic Oscillator (w/ Rob Moir)
Foundations of Physics. Under review.
Invited submission to a special issue on Philosophical Aspects in the Foundations of Physics, ed. by M. Redei, H. Brown, K. Landsman

On the (non)Factivity of Scientific Understanding
Under review

There are no distinctively mathematical scientific explanations
Under review

Later Wittgenstein and the Genealogy of Mathematical Necessity
In Wittgenstein and Naturalism. ed. by K. Cahill and T. Raleigh. Routledge. Forthcoming.

Indispensability, Causation and Explanation
Theoria. Forthcoming.
Invited paper for the special issue Updating Indispensabilities: Hillary Putnam In Memoriam. ed by J. Saguillo, C. Martinez-Vidal

Phase Transitions
The Routledge Companion to the Philosophy of Physics. ed by E. Knox and A. Wilson. Routledge. Forthcoming.

A Naturalist Landscape
'Introduction' to Naturalizing Logico-Mathematical Knowledge: Approaches from Philosophy, Psychology and Cognitive Science. ed. by S. Bangu. Routledge, 2018. Forthcoming.

  • Incomplete drafts
Dolls and Drumbeats: Experiments on Infant Mathematical Cognition

Reductionism and Constructionism. Remarks on the BCS superconductivity model

From Alpha to Beta: Weak Interaction and the Metaphysics of Change

When the (Modal) Way In is the Way Out: On the Incoherence of Epistemological Skepticism