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Complete drafts. Please contact me if interested

- Discontinuities and Singularities, Data and Phenomena: Why the Difference Matters
Under review. 
Invited submission for a Synthese special issue on Infinite Idealizations in Science, ed. by P. Palacios, S. Fletcher, L. Ruetsche, E. Shech

- On the Factivity of Scientific Understanding
Under review.

- The 'Miracle' of Applicability? The Curious Case of the Simple Harmonic Oscillator (w/ Rob Moir)
Under review. 
Invited submission to a Foundations of Physics special issue on Philosophical Aspects in the Foundations of Physics, ed. by M. Redei, H. Brown, K. Landsman.

- Later Wittgenstein and the Genealogy of Mathematical Necessity
In Wittgenstein and Naturalism. K. Cahill and T. Raleigh (eds.) Routledge. Forthcoming.

- Indispensability, Causation and Explanation
Special issue Updating Indispensabilities: Hillary Putnam In MemoriamJ. Saguillo, C. Martinez-Vidal (eds.) Forthcoming. 

- Phase Transitions
The Routledge Companion to the Philosophy of Physics. E. Knox and A. Wilson (eds.) Routledge. Forthcoming.

A Naturalist Landscape
'Introduction' to Naturalizing Logico-Mathematical Knowledge: Approaches from Philosophy, Psychology and Cognitive Science. S. Bangu (ed.) Routledge, 2017. Forthcoming.

Incomplete drafts

- Dolls and Drumbeats: Experiments on Infant Mathematical Cognition

- Reductionism and Constructionism. Remarks on the BCS superconductivity model

- What is Distinctive about Distinctively Mathematical Explanations?

- From Alpha to Beta: Weak Interaction and the Metaphysics of Change

- When the (Modal) Way In is the Way Out: On the Incoherence of Epistemological Skepticism