The impact of my peer-reviewed publications and working papers are demonstrated by a Google Scholar total citation count of 365 and an h-index of 8 (assessed on 20/12/2016). According to SSRN (assessed on 
20/12/2016), my papers have been downloaded over 850 times.

Current Revise and Resubmit / Conditional Acceptance

21 Kassenboehmer, S.C. , Leung, S. and  S. Schurer  (2015), Do Universities Shape Their Students' Personality?, IZA Discussion Paper No. 8874 (revise and resubmit at Oxford Economic Papers, A in ABDC)[LINK]

Articles in Refereed Journals
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Discussion Papers

 9 Black, N. and S.C. Kassenboehmer (2016), Can looks be deceiving? the influence of appearance on teacher assessments, Monash University, mimeo (first draft available). [LINK]

 8 Broadway, B. and  Kassenboehmer, S. C.  (2016), Labour force potential of disability support pension recipients, mimeo (first draft available). [LINK]

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Contract Research

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