About me

Welcome to my website! I am an Associate Professor of Economics at the Centre for Health Economics at Monash Business School. My research focuses on the intersection between labour economics and health economics with a particular focus on policy evaluation and the mental health and labour market outcomes of disadvantaged populations.

My research projects investigate the impact of insecure work and financial stress on decision-making, skills, productivity and life outcomes. I am also working on several projects related to risky behaviours, in particular, the role of economic disadvantage and the evaluation of various policy changes to reduce risky behaviours.

My articles can be found in such journals as the Economic Journal, European Economic Review, Industrial and Labour Relations Review, Journal of Banking and Finance and Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization.


++Nov 2021++

Two of my papers have just been published at European Economic Review

++Jul 2021++

My paper has just received a conditional acceptance at Journal of Business and Economics Statistics

++Jan 2021++

My paper has been published at Journal of Population Economics



Sonja C. de New (nee Kassenboehmer)

Centre for Health Economics

Monash University

Level 5, Building H

Caulfield, Victoria 3145