Joining Information and Membership

To compete in any SWLRC events you need to be a member of the SWLRC this will also allow you to compete in ALRC events

*** Please be aware that we are a club affiliated with both the MSA and the ALRC, and as such all vehicles competing in our events must comply site their rules. If you are unsure, or have some questions about the eligibility of your vehicle, get in contact on the Contact Us page! ***

A membership form can be found below........


Single Membership: £27 (+£2 Joining Fee)

Family Membership: £37 (+£4 Joining Fee)


The Somerset & Wiltshire Land Rover Club exists to promote, encourage, organise and participate in events and meetings with other owners, drivers and enthusiasts of Land Rover marque. Events which are organised under the regulations of the RAC Motor Sports Association and Association of Land Rover Clubs, of which the SWLRC Ltd is a member. The Club is incorporated as a Limited Company and member’s liability is limited.

You apply for membership of Somerset & Wiltshire Land Rover Club Ltd. You own, drive, or am an enthusiast of the Land Rover marque and agree to abide by the club rules and the memorandum and Articles of Association of the company. You undertake to contribute a sum not exceeding £1 (included in the joining fee) to the company is assets for payments of its debts, should it be wound up within one year of your membership ceasing. You understand that your subscription entitles you to membership for one full year from the first day of the month in which you apply and includes a joining fee, paid once only. You understand Single membership entitles you to drive at all ALRC events and that family membership entitles you and a second driver to drive at all ALRC events. Family members are entitled to drive in SWLRC TYRO events.