In the course of my own research into our family history, knowing how hard it was to find some of our ancestors. I always felt that it was sad when I found a burial for maybe a soldier in a place which was obviously far from his own parish. Maybe no-one knew at home where or when he had died. I started a few years ago, collecting these events with a view to making them available one day to descendants and hopefully give them the clue they needed in their search for their own ancestor. I began with  Burials, but since have added the Baptisms and now even Marriages, though there are not very many of these at the moment.
        The lists are organised chronologically and can be searched as in Word by Surname, though I should warn that some of the earlier spelling might keep you guessing.  I am continually adding to the lists and would welcome any information that anyone would like to volunteer.
        I`ve also put on a section for military and nautical events which may be of interest, and now Coroners Inquest reports from the newspapers.
         Please feel free to browse and comment. Bare in mind that you should check any information with the original source as mistakes are easily made when transcribing. If you find something which is incorrect please let me know. george.a.carter@googlemail.com
Anyone interested in the Carter, Kirwan, Leigh and related lines can find descendant charts at. http://sites.google.com/site/carterkirwanfamilyhistory/   and at  
 Thanks to Marjorie Ward, Ingrid Clausen and Sue Slater for adding names and events.

Here is a link to The Incredible Centurians, for anyone who may be interested.