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Alexander Sokolov (born 1955) is a direct-carving or taille directe marble sculptor.

The figurative and abstract sculptor studied and lived in the studios of Miklos Dallos at his outset in Paris in the mid-1970s. Sokolov was seen by his biographer, the basque critic Mario Angel Marrodán as emanating from the French School of sculpture and there is a chain of teaching influence through Miklos Dallos and Marcel Gimond back to Antoine Bourdelle and Aristide Mailloll. Sokolov, who in French manner elicits response within the bare subject of the torso and the nude, as does Dallos, also has, like Gimond, a strength for portraiture.



That specification of sculpture as tension of force between the under-lying helicoidal axis and superposed rhythm of planes in Sokolov is tempered by the artist's choice to work, free from preparatory modelling, in direct-carving. The modernism of the French school of Sculpture developed in modelling but Sokolov's direct-carving is informed by the revolutionary carving influences of Brancusi and the later Henry Moore. As a portraitist, Sokolov is unusual as working by taille directe, but the helicoidal axis teaching informs the majority of his large body of work in the human figure and nude. Such movement about the axis would be a continuation of the Italian Arte termed Mannerist.

Alexander Sokolov, who has generally worked between studios in Castletownshend Ireland and Olula del Rio in Spain, has exhibited nineteen one man shows in European cities. The artist was unable to travel between 1998 and 2004, due to family illness.

 The book Sokolov by the renowned Basque poet and critic Marrodán is to be found at the National Art Libray in Dublin and in the many Spanish Universities and Royal Academies of Fine Art


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  Sokolov makes bronze editions of his work, and stone editions to 7 tons/7000 kilos.

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