1. The objectives of the Society are to promote the philosophy of chemistry, and provide a forum for the participation of interested persons. Specifically, it will organize regular international conferences and promote publications in the field. The Society's journal is Foundations of Chemistry.
  2. At official ISPC conferences, there will be scheduled a 'Business Meeting', to discuss the organization of the next conference and any other business relevant to the Society.
  3. An Executive Committee will implement the day to day running of the Society. The term is three years, but can be changed by the majority of votes of those members present at a 'Business Meeting'.
  4. The Constitution can be amended by a vote of the members of the Society. Reasonable efforts will be made to contact all members in ample time for them to be informed. 75% of returned votes will be sufficient.
In Spring, 2003, the membership, by means of an e-mail ballot, overwhelmingly approved institution of the office of Honorary President of the ISPC, with a renewable term of three years, but without executive or administrative responsibilities.
  1. (Adopted at Poznan, 2001) The terms of the members of the Executive Board shall be staggered, so that two members will be elected (or re-elected) each year.
  2. (Adopted at Tartu, 2003) It shall be a responsibility of the Executive Board to propose, to the annual Business Meeting, a slate of three or more candidates for membership in the Executive Committee, each of which has agreed to serve in that office, if elected thereto. The two candidates gaining the largest number of votes of members present and voting at that Business Meeting shall be considered elected.
Current as of: October 2, 2003.