SPE members can communicate with each other through the SPE Google Group. Please note that you must be a member in order to be sent an invitation to the SPE Google Group. All members will be sent an invitation to join the Google group. Please make sure you check your email, including your spam box, for the invitation, and to respond to it. If you do not receive an invitation shortly (approx. 7 days) after doing so, please contact Cecilea Mun. If you are an SPE member and do not have access to the group, please complete the SPE GOOGLE GROUP REQUEST FORM (linked below).

Benefits of the SPE Google Group:

  • All SPE announcements will be sent via this email group. So, members can keep up with the latest information through this group.
  • SPE members are welcome to share external conference information, information about new publications, and research surveys that meet IRB guidelines.
  • SPE members are welcome to create topic related sub-group discussions.
  • SPE members are welcome to search the email list and contact other members in the group; but we would appreciate every member being respectful of other members' time when doing so. A good rule of thumb to use for networking purposes is to first send out an email to the entire group and to work with those who respond. Another good rule of thumb is to only contact a particular member if they are the only person who can help you with your concern. Furthermore, please do not be offended if a particular member does not respond to your email. There are many reasons for why this might occur, and in most cases it does not reflect anything about the sender of the email. The SPE encourages members to network and collaborate, but it is important for everyone that we all respect each other's boundaries.