The Society for Economic Design (SfED) was founded by Semih Koray and late Murat Sertel and Paul Kleindorfer in 2000.

The society aims to advance the scientific discipline of design of economic and political institutions through a number of activities by creating a communication platform for the area practitioners. It aims to be the main interdisciplinary venue for scientists who work in the area of institutional design in various disciplines such as economics, political science, computer science, and operations research.

General principles of economic design are widely used as a primary tool in several economic subdisciplines such as game theory, market design, mechanism design and implementation theory, industrial organization, social choice theory, public economics, welfare economics, political economy, transition economics, development economics, environmental economics, health economics, macroeconomics, international trade and finance, monetary economics, fiscal economics, experimental economics, computational economics, etc.

The society intermediates the publication of the academic journal Review of Economic Design (joint with Springer-Verlag) and the organization of the biennial Conference on Economic Design.

SfED Advisory Board:

Lars Ehlers (President)

Tommy Andersson (Member)

Onur Kesten (Treasurer)

Semih Koray (Member)

Arunava Sen (Member)

Utku Unver (Ex-president)


2000-2008 Paul Kleindorfer

2008-2015 Utku Unver

2016-2019 Lars Ehlers (current)


SfED is a non-profit organization founded in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and tax exempt under the US federal tax code 503-c(3); its mailing address is

Society for Economic Design

c/o Dr. Onur Kesten, Treasurer

5440 Forbes Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15217


Any donation to the society is US federal income tax-deductable.