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Note: All syllabi found on this website are accurate, but the dates and class times change from session to session (fall, winter, spring, and by year). Go by the dates and class times in the most recent brochure which you used to register for a particular class.

Welcome to the website to accompany the Latin courses taught by Oswald Sobrino, M.L. (Master of Latin), University of Florida.

You will find here copies of your syllabus and other enrichment materials to assist you in your exciting introduction to the language of the Romans which survives today in our own English language and especially in the popular Romance languages of Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese. 

If you study or already speak Spanish, you will enjoy seeing the strong links between Latin and Spanish, which will help you with both languages.

The study of Latin is also a study of the grammar necessary to learn other languages. 

Latin also introduces the dramatic and colorful history of Rome which has shaped nations throughout the world and which remains a popular theme in books and movies.

Latin will also greatly improve your grasp of English grammar.

Studying Latin can also help you score higher on the many standardized tests that you will face in the course of your career.

Latin is also a great exercise for your mind in focus, logic, precision, and agility, an exercise that is beneficial for students of all ages. Humans do not flourish by physical exercise alone. See this recent article on the cognitive benefits of learning a language at this link: . Learning other languages also helps us maintain our cognitive abilities as we grow older: 

If you are a student in any of the health professions, you will especially benefit greatly from knowing the roots of so many medical terms. Pre-law and law students will also benefit in learning the basis of many terms in their field, just as will students of history and religion.

My plan is to offer both Intro. Latin and Latin Part 2 each Fall and Winter term. Latin Part 3 is offered in the Spring term. We use the same textbook for all three courses--there is no extra expense in books if you take more than one course. (For Latin Part 4, also offered in the fall term, you do have to purchase one additional book to introduce you to the writings of the great writers of Rome. In Latin Part 5, we move to more advanced passages in Latin using the same book purchased for Latin Part 4.) Advanced Latin will be offered in the future for all who have taken Latin Part 4.

The classes focus on enjoyable reading of stories in Latin. The atmosphere is friendly and low-pressure. Making and correcting mistakes is essential to learning!

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"Cave Canem"/"Beware of Dog"
Pompeii, Italy

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