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My place of business is Rural Route #1., L'orignal, On, Canada, K0B 1A0. I live  in eastern Ontario, one hour from: Montreal, Ottawa, and Cornwall and 1hr and 15 mins from the NY-USA border.

For internet orders, I can ship your parts all over the world, international, including  Canada and the USA Of course, you can also come and pickup your parts yourself. Please note that shipping outside of North America can be very expensive; so it is important you factor that into you total cost .


You can come to my place to pickup your parts, and pay in cash, OR
If you order online, PAYPAL is the preferred method of payment. 
If you are IN CANADA, you can send an INTERAC payment 
to my email address (shaunsmachines@gmail.com) .
For larger payments, you can:
Call me to get the numbers required to complete your payment.

You can also buy in bulk or in lots.  For example, you might be interested in buying everything Artic Cat. This can be negotiated. Any part of my collection can be negotiated to be purchased. It is even possible to buy my whole business, including this website. I'm open-minded. Please contact me and we'll find the best deal for you

Please email me at:   **shaunsmachines@gmail.com
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And confirm you are human.

For any further questions, and to confirm the WE are human,
You can call at area code 613, followed by 679 4990.


Shaun's Machines