"A Trippy Movie"

"An atmospheric exploration"

Fantasy, artificial intelligence, science, poetry • 1h 30m • 2021

Snowglobes tell us the story of a strange boy who lives isolated in a house with three female scientists and an Artificial Intelligence.

French Filmmaker Yannik Ruault (“Abrahadabra") directs “Snowglobes” from an original screenplay. The film stars Joana Vinogradoff ("The Mux", "Binoculars", "Wolf Game"), Noémie Glairacq ("Abrahadabra"), Christian Cazenave ("Voir la mer", "Avant l'aube", "Le bleu de l'océan" ), Nathan Biscar, Frédérique Hardy and Laura Bastianini. Original soundtracks are composed by James Bell, piano samples are played by Billy Bowes, Photography by Ed Cotton and Sound by Alvin Lee. The story happens in the house of the english poet Philip Larkin (Kingston-upon-Hull, England - United Kingdom).