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Snowblog CT netcity

Citizen engagement and common identity

in intercultural urban environments

An innovative approach

An online seminar

January 16th , 2011

The cities of the 21st century are facing new challenges, globally
transformed into  heterogeneous social environments characterized  by dynamic diversity of cultures, nationalities and religions.

Given that complex social structure, urban planners and policy-makers have to bear in mind and actually rely on "bottom up" collaborative local civic engagement and common local identity – as necessary supporting conditions.  Learning to embrace that  new social  perspective and consequently facilitate citizen engagement across gaps and divides is an educational process.  Snowblog CTnetcity project, has been designed to provide the required methodology for facilitating that process.
At  the seminar:
* Snowblog CTnetcity gained insights, from various implementations among youth in different cities around the world will be presented.
* Collective action research outcomes by participants in our previous   
implementations, documenting civic engagement cases from different cities, will be exhibited.
* An open discussion titled : "Turning the diversity threat into a catalyst for positive change - the future of  21st century urban environments". will be facilitated by Snowblog CTnetcity team of experts.
* Practical aspects of successful civic engagement practices will be shared.

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Gal Springman
Project coordinator.