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2005 SnowBlog was invited to present its project on the Ethics Initiative Consortium in Paris.
2005 SnowBlog at the National conference on Computers & Education.
2007 Our participants' photos were exhibited in Tzavta, in Tel Aviv.
2007 Snowblog project was implemented with students from East and West Jerusalem.
After 5 months of virtual participation in Snowblog , we had an exciting face to face meeting of the students from Jabal Mukabar (East Jerusalem) and the students from Keshet school ( West Jerusalem).
2008 Snowblog had participants from Hong Kong and Serbia.

2010Gal Springman, Language Connections Chairperson, presented “Snowblog CT net city” project, based on Snowblog project series developed by Language Connections Organization, at the MIT LINC conference.