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Hibernate (Alarm)

Still in Beta

If you have ever had a 'normal' mobile phone you will know that most have an alarm clock function that works even though you have turned the phone off.  This means you can use it with-out worrying about using up all of your battery; especially useful when you are on holiday or anytime you cannot easily re-charge the phone. 
As an added bonus it won't wake you if your Mum rings you not realising there is a 12 hour time difference.
Google Android phones however do not allow this; you have to leave the phone on overnight and if it is constantly receiving radio communications etc. the battery soon runs down.

This app is the nearest thing to having a Low Battery Mode or PC style Hibernate on your Google phone.  Especially useful for setting an alarm to get you up in the morning with-out using up all your battery and getting annoying text/notification beeps all night:
  • This app turns off wireless/internet connections, reduces screen timeout, closes non vital running tasks (and prompts you to turn off the GPS).  When Low Battery Mode is turned off any changed settings (like screen timeout) are restored. 
  • The main way to use it is with the 'Hibernate' icon.
  • If you are simply using your phone as an alarm clock to wake you in the morning it allows you to get the phone in a state where is uses almost no battery at all and you will not get woken overnight by phone calls etc..  In trials the battery use overnight was less than 1%.
  • Or you can simply use it to get your phone in a state where it uses very little battery (Low Battery Mode).
  • It is not an alarm app; though you can set your preferred alarm clock application.
  • There are settings to allow killing of non vital running tasks and services as well as to stop the warnings that e.g. the GPS is on.
  • There is also the widget that can be used to toggle Low Battery Mode on and off.
    Important Note:
    Android does not officially support turning off comms so there is a small chance that it will not work or even cause your phone to crash.

If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot access the Internet this is most likely because Hibernate has turned on Airplane Mode (as shown above by the little airplane icon).  Either press the big On button to turn it off again or hold down the end call button which will offer a menu including "Airplane mode/Airplane mode is ON".  Press this and it will turn off Airplane mode.

Please email and feedback or bug to hibernate@smallbouldering.com
Errors will be easier to follow up if you give as much detail as possible including what happened, your phone model and operating system version.