Casting & Staging

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, the Opera has 7 scenes with a total running  time of 2 hrs. 40 minutes. In addition, a version for chorus and orchestra is being finalized with a total running time of 90 minutes.

Lead roles

  • Katrina Van Tassle. Soprano; age 18; the object of Ichabod Crane’s attentions.
  • Ichabod Crane. Heldentenor; age 35; singing instructor and school teacher.
  • Brom Bones. Baritone; age 18;  Katrina’s love interest who rides with a band of men who protect the town from outsiders.
  • Brouwer. Bass; town elder who encountered the Headless Horseman as a young man.
  • Lute player. Lyric tenor; a spirit who sings warnings to Ichabod throughout.


The opera has 7 scenes.  Each scene requires only one set. Scenes I and IV use the same set, Scenes III, VI & VII use the same set. The scenes are:
  • Inside the church at Sleepy Hollow
  • A picnic at the outskirts of town
  • In the haunted woods
  • Inside the church at Sleepy Hollow
  • A dance at Baltus Van Tassle’s mansion
  • In the haunted woods where Crane is chased by the Horseman in dramatic fashion.
  • In the haunted woods. The finale as townspeople search for Ichabod Crane.

Supporting Roles

  • Stefana. Mezzo soprano; often seen in the company of Katrina.
  • Maria. Mezzo soprano; companion of Katrina.
  • Vandersteen. Baritone; town blacksmith.
  • Baltus Van Tassle. Bass; farmer, respected elder and Katrina’s wealthy father.
  • Joeri. Tenor; fills smaller roles; yodels.
  • Van Ripper. a local farmer.
  • Children. Small choruses appear throughout.
  • Minister. Tenor; minor role.
  • Rough Riders. Four horsemen.
  • Chorus. 25-30 members, but can scale to venue/budget.


  • Standard symphonic orchestra.
  • Sizing of orchestra can be scaled to venue and artistic requirements.
  • The orchestration features a soaring horn solo in the overture.

Piano Score

A piano score for the opera is available for use in rehearsals.