Composer & Librettist

Robert Milne is being heralded by opera insiders as " of the truly great American composers..." with talents in
the league of Aaron Copeland and Leonard Bernstein, and even mentioned in the same context as classic opera composers of the 18th century. 

Mr. Milne's body of work includes opera, musical theater, classical concerti and suites as well as art songs and over 50 solo piano compositions. He created the operatic vision for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, the Opera and wrote both the full orchestral score and libretto.

Beyond opera Mr. Milne is broadly accomplished. He has been called a "national treasure" by the U.S. Library of Congress for his diverse body of musical work that they have archived. He was designated Musical Ambassador by the US Department of State and performed five tours of the Japanese islands and performed for the Swiss Parliament in Berne, Switzerland in this capacity. 

Mr. Milne had an unusual affinity for music from an early age. After playing a variety of instruments as a child, he studied French horn at Eastman School of Music and performed as the assistant principle French horn with both the Rochester and Baltimore symphonies. He also toured as a solo pianist for over 30 years and has created over a dozen commercial recordings. 

He shares his musical talents in over 200 piano concerts a year across 4 continents, garnering him recognition as one of the most accomplished boogie-woogie and ragtime pianists alive. His unique ability at musical recall and composition has caught the attention of brain researchers who have made him a subject of intense neurological studies at Penn State University. Mr. Milne is also an accomplished poet and a published author, having written five works of fiction and non-fiction. His book, "Turtle Lake", is now being made into a full-length film.

Mr. Milne lives with his wife, Linda, in their home in the woods near Lapeer, Michigan.