A new American opera.

A bold tour de force of soaring vocals and rich orchestration
brings to life one of America's most beloved ghost stories. 

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, the Opera, b
ased on Washington Irving's classic story, is receiving critical acclaim. Barnaby Palmer, conductor of the San Franciso Lyric Opera, heralds composer and librettist, Robert Milne as "... one of the truly great American composers... deserving to be considered in the company of Aaron Copeland and Leonard Bernstein...". 

For an expanded generation of opera lovers.

The opera has a sense of immediacy and power able to draw listeners young and old. Former Düsseldorf Opera tenor Peter Benecke notes, "the style and language are  both stirring and accessible, it speaks to the very heart and soul...". 

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, the Opera features a sweeping palette of music with flowing English lyrics and a plot that moves. After first hearing it, former Metropolitan Opera associate conductor Samuel Cristler exclaimed, "Bravo!"

Ready for premiere.

As opera companies seek to offer a balance of classic opera and new works, Sleepy Hollow stands ready. It is fresh and accessible, ready for premiere. It will also be available soon in a version for chorus and orchestra.

The opera is complete with full orchestral score and libretto - reducing the risk of a new commission. At the same time the composer/librettist is poised to support your director's unique artistic vision. A piano score is available for rehearsal.

The opera also substantially reduces a General Director's financial risk. Donors have come forward with significant funds for the initial opera companies that bring the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, the Opera to stage.