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Frozen Pacific Rex Sole
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Pollock is a delicious Alaskan whitefish, ready to fry any day of the week!
Check out our Pollock section for more information.  

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Cod is another flavorful fish, that shows great versatility in its utility.
Find out more about Cod  

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Halibut is a robust, powerful fish; the thick muscle that comprises it's body makes for especially large fillets.
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Salmon embodies Northwest cuisine. People cannot resist it's delicious, slightly fatty flavor, or it's shining luster.
Want to become a Salmon expert?

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Alaska Wild Catch
 Sleeping Giant also carries a variety of other products:

Sole - Rex - Rock - Petrale - Dover - Starry - English - Sand
Rockfish - PoP - Northern - Thornyhead - Rougheye - Shortraker - Dusky
Crab - Bairdi - Opilio - Dungeness - King

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Sleeping Giant Inc. is a small, friendly, family-owned seafood distribution business, pioneered by Henry L. Shenk in 1996. Because we emphasize the value of healthy business relationships, we always do our best to provide quality service to each and every one of our customers. This quality of service is extended to all of our customers, whether they require a truckload of product, or only a couple of boxes. This service, paired with choice, once-frozen Alaskan product, helps to perpetuate the continual cycle of success for our customers, vendors, and everyone inbetween.