Call for Prize Nomination

Prize for Innovation in Distributed Computing

Awarded by the Colloquium on Structural Information and Communication Complexity (SIROCCO)

The Prize for Innovation In Distributed Computing was established to recognize individuals whose research contributions expanded the collective investigative horizon in SIROCCO's area of interest. That is, they formulated
new problems, or identified new research areas, that were at the time of their introduction unorthodox and outside the mainstream, but later attracted the interest of SIROCCO's community.

This community is interested in the relationships between information and efficiency in decentralized computing. The prize recognizes originality, innovation, and creativity -- the qualities that reflect the spirit of the
SIROCCO conference. 
(SIROCCO 2013 is going to be held on July 1–3, 2013, Ischia, Italy; papers submission deadline is April 21st).
The prize is presented at the annual meeting of the SIROCCO conference, but may not necessarily be awarded every year.

Passed prize winners are Nicola Santoro, Jean-Claude Bermond, David Peleg, and Roger Wattenhofer.


The following conditions must be met by the nominees to be eligible for the prize.

(1) The original innovative contribution was introduced by the nominee(s) for the first time in a publication at least five years before the nomination deadline, and the publication must have appeared in a conference proceedings or a scientific journal.

(2) At least one paper (co)authored by the nominee(s), either the original paper, or a paper directly related to the innovative contribution, must have appeared in SIROCCO proceedings.

Past SIROCCO papers and authors can be found at indexing sites, e.g. Google Scholar or

Selection process

The prize winners are selected by the Award Committee composed of the current Steering Committee (SC) Chair of the SIROCCO conference, the PC chairs, including co-chairs, of the three SIROCCO conferences immediately preceding the nominations deadline, plus one additional member of the Advisory Board, selected by the Steering Committee for the current year.

In 2013, the Award Committee consists of:
  • Shay Kutten (Technion)- chair
  • Guy Even (Tel Aviv University)
  • David Peleg (Weizmann) 
  • Boaz Patt-Shamir (Tel Aviv University)
  • Masafumi Yamashita (Kyushu University)

A call for nomination is disseminated every year in the main mailing lists of the Distributed Computing community, at least four months prior to the date of that year's SIROCCO meeting.

Nominations can be made by any member of the scientific community. Each nomination must identify the person(s) being nominated, and justify the  nomination by a short text including:

(a) a brief description of the innovative contribution in Distributed Computing to be recognized by the award, and an explanation of its originality and significance,

(b) the paper(s) of the nominee(s) that establish their eligibility as  described in the Eligibility section above items (1) and (2).

Nominations for 2013 should be sent to the Steering Committee chair of SIROCCO: by April 23rd, 2013. Please write SIROCCO Prize Nomination in the subject line.

SIROCCO is devoted to the study of the interplay and trade-offs between the efficiency of algorithms and systems and the availability of information. This basic issue is common to many fields of multi party systems. SIROCCO has a tradition of interesting and productive scientific meetings in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, attracting leading researchers in a variety of fields which exhibit such interplay.