Camera-ready instructions

The final paper and the signed copyright form are due on 21 April.

This is a firm deadline for the production of the proceedings.

1. FINAL PAPER: Please submit the files belonging to your
camera-ready paper using your EasyChair author account.

1) Login to Easychair
2) Click on the option `camera-ready' on the top of the page.
3) click on the option 'paper #x' on the top of the page (where x is the serial number of your paper).
4) Click on the `upload new version' in the menu on the right of the page.

You may upload your paper using one of two options:

  (a) either a zipped file containing all your LaTeX sources
      or a Word file in the RTF format, and
  (b) PDF version of your camera-ready paper.

The page limit is 12 pages and is strict.
Please follow strictly the author instructions of Springer-Verlag
when preparing the final version:

Springer has recently introduced an extra control loop: once
data processing is finished, they will contact all corresponding
authors and ask them to check their papers. We expect this to happen
shortly before the printing of the proceedings. At that time your
quick interaction with Springer-Verlag will be greatly appreciated.

2. COPYRIGHT: Please upload a signed and completed copyright form to
us as soon as possible. The Springer copyright forms can be found at

It is sufficient for one of the authors to sign the copyright form.
You can scan the form into PDF or any other standard image format.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation in these matters. Thank you
again for your contribution to SIROCCO 2012.