My name is Simone Galperti. I received my PhD in Economics from Northwestern University. I was an Associate Professor at UC, San Diego.

My research interests are Mechanism Design, Contract Theory, Information Economics, Decision Theory.

Email: simone.galperti@gmail.com 

Farewell to Academia

Dear colleagues and friends,

I hope you are all well. As some may be wondering about my whereabouts, a message may help and be perhaps overdue. 

After many months of soul-searching and painful back and forth, I decided to end the first chapter of my life in academia and start a new one as an entrepreneur. A unique opportunity came along to live two lives in one and I grabbed it. Rest assured, this was the hardest decision in my life and I very dearly miss academia and all of you.


I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to each and everyone who has enriched my journey as a scholar in economics—especially, my advisors, my mentors, and my co-authors. Throughout grad school and tenure, I have had the enormous and humbling privilege of engaging with brilliant minds, exploring insightful theories and evidence, and—I hope—contributing an epsilon to human knowledge. Your support, collaboration, patience, generosity, and friendship will not be forgotten. The lessons I have learned and the experiences I have lived will continue to guide me. I am excited about the future, but I will always carry a deep appreciation for the past and for all of you who have made my academic career so fulfilling.

Thank you for the indelible memories, for the spirited debates, and for the camaraderie that made my first chapter truly amazing! 

I look forward to staying in touch and reading your papers. Please, let me know if you visit Lake Como and want to grab a coffee.

With warmest regards and deepest gratitude,