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Full Length Plays

Cast: 4 W, 4 M

This hilarious comedy is about love, except no one knows what love is. Some try, some succeed, some fail but all are trying to negotiate love amongst lawyers, exes, pre-nuptial agreements, post-nups and a lot of fear. Keep an eye out for details on a new publisher in 2012.

Cast: 7 W, 2 M

This play serves up several opportunities for women and especially women in stage combat. Follow Libby/Presta as she traverses the states of woman from maid, to lover, to mother to crone and even Goddess.

Cast: 1 W, 3 M, Band

Follow Patsy Presley from angry female Elvis impersonator to a talented singer/songwriter who' feels love. Accompanied by The Patron Saints of Swing, this musical features America's best: Country, Rock-n-Roll, Punk and the Blues.

One Act and 10-minute Plays

Cast: 5 W, 6 M

Three 10-minute scenes that take place in galleries of the San Diego Museum of Art. A great one act or three great 10-minute pieces about losing and finding love.

Cast: 2 actors

See if you can follow what One is saying to Two. Kevin can't and he wrote it. We think you'll love it.

See the video.

Cast: 4 W, 1 M

Paul can't get it right with women -- and his former girlfriends haunt him when he's with the new ones.

Published by Smith & Kraus, and available online at

Barnes and Noble.

W. Simmons & Associates

the smallest big literary agency in San Diego