We are happy to work with you to make your event unforgettable.

We never take our birds further than they are able to make it home nor do we fly them in poor weather.   They do not fly at night so all releases have to be 1 hour before sun down to give the birds time to get home.   You may hold and release the birds, or you may choose to release them from our baskets or cages.

Prices vary depending on number of birds, props, and distance but will typically run between $150 and $225.   Please contact us for details

For an outdoor wedding, releases are traditionally done at the end of the ceremony, after the exchange of vows and rings and the first kiss. For church weddings, the release can be done as the new couple exits the building and announces their union.
Special arrangements with photographers can be made to capture the most dramatic shots.

A ceremonial white dove release for funeral or memorial service is a peaceful and inspirational way to honor the memory of a loved one and provide friends and family an expression of a final good-bye. A single dove is released, followed by a flock to represent family members.  The doves gather together large circle a head off into the sky.

Special Events
We also release doves for celebrations and events such as grand openings, parades, retirements, special athletic events, anniversaries and many others. It adds a memorable, exciting and elegant display to any occasion.  From a "Mass Flock Release" to a controlled "21 Dove Release", we can give your event the impact of a memorable vision.