About Us

Silicon Sapphire is a leading mobile software development company. We develop state of the art apps for iOS and Android.

Mobile App Developers

We develop serious apps across all platforms and devices. We’re known for blending cutting edge design with scalable, engineering-focused performance. With a perfect blend of creative and science, our team can help you create exemplary mobile experiences.

Located in London/LA and founded by experienced industry players.

Our Offering

We provide an extremely high quality and cost-effective solution for anyone who wants to have a gaming app on the App Store or Android and reach up to 1470 million smartphone users in the world.

Having put in over 3 years worth of research and source code development, our technology has reached a stage where we can produce a fully functioning 3d game tailored to your exact needs with no compromises in quality.

All the laborious coding, gameplay algorithms and testing work are done by us leaving our clients with the easy job of simply submitting the app to the App Store or Google Play.