I got started on the strip down almost immediately. I had some good weather and got the dash, engine and electrical wiring loom stripped out over a weekend. All came apart pretty easily and I remembered to mark all the terminals of the wiring loom. I didn't even need to refer to Mr Haines! But then again taking things apart is always easier than putting them back together. So we'll see how smug I am when the reassembly begins.

Donor car before the strip (courtesy of ebay!)

In my haste to start the strip down I forgot to take any 'before' photo's, doh! So, my photo's start after I'd stripped the front out.

My Part stripped Citroen Dyane donor

The front suspension arms, and axle came off relatively painlessly, although I did have to grind through the front axle's securing bolts as I couldn't get them to budge.

The main bits from the front

That just left the rear axle (ground through the securing bolts again), and suspension arms, side suspension canisters (needed the grinder again) and the fuel tank. All this came off once I'd disposed of the bodywork. With the aid of a trusty angle grinder and with a little metal origami, the body went to the local recycling centre in the back of my Fiat Punto in 3 trips - along with the rear seats and all the other unwanted gubbins I'd removed along the way. I just hope I haven't chucked anything useful!

My new garden furniture!

So all I have left to dispose of is the chassis, which is still on axle stands on the drive. Once I get some decent weather I'll 'set to' with my angle grinder and it'll be another trip to the local recycling centre in the Punto.

It's now gone!

The neighbours will, no doubt, be happy again as property prices are now starting to rise to previous levels.

With all the bit's needed for the build now on my garage floor I still need to strip some parts down a little more; namely, the front suspension arms need separating from their hubs and drive shafts, and their king pins need removing. Then the clean up stage can begin.

All the bits. Now where am I going to build the 'hopper?

I reckon that it's taken about 20 hours or so, spread over 5 or 6 days, to get to this stage.

Costs so far are: £80 for the donor (plus 2 newer style 2CV speedo's, 4 chrome hub caps and a set of 2CV headlight housings), £65 in petrol, £10 or so in grinding disks, £150 deposit on the Pembleton Super Sports Grasshopper kit; so that's a total to date of £305.