Assembly 2007

The build continues on from the rolling chassis.

I mounted the steering wheel to the rolling chassis as a test fit. It'll come back off when doing the front Ali bulkhead panel

I decided to mount the gearbox, drive shafts and engine while waiting to buy my Ali sheets. I needed to replace some of the gaiters on the driveshafts; the 2 inner ones and 1 outer. I ordered 2 outer and 1 inner. Bugger! Another phone call to 2cv city, a 2 day wait and another £3 in postage. Bugger! Anyway, the gaiter arrived today (along with the fixing clips, which I forgot to order first time around) so I began.

I changed the gaiters on the driveshafts. With this done I proceeded to mount the gearbox. The gearbox fixing plate which connects the gearbox to the front axle needs bending back slightly. The plate goes in a vice and is hit with a hammer until it's done. Precision engineering this building of cars. With this done I mounted the gearbox and connected up the driveshafts. All straight forward and no drama's here.

Gearbox, driveshafts, steering wheels and pedals are in.

With the gearbox mounted, the engine goes on next, hung off the gearbox. This'll clear more space in the garage and allows me to do some polishing as both gearbox and engine will be stable, off the floor and easy to get at.

I mounted the engine and started tightening the engine bolts. Disaster struck! I'd taken the top mounting bolt off the engine passed them throught he gearbox and into the engine. Then I started to tighten the bolts up. One of the mounting bolts blew out the engine mount in the engine casing as it was tightened.

Engine mount is blown out.

After having a look at my neighbour Tony's engine, I should have put the bolt / lug into the engine mount first, then passed them through to the geabox and tightened the nut onto the bolt / lug.

Bugg3r! Now I have to try and find an Aluminium welder to fix this, buy a reconditioned engine or find another donor car; whichever is cheapest. D@mn, blast and bugg3r again! I can't believe I've just f****d the engine for the sake of tightening a sodding bolt up the wrong way.

Oh well, live and learn I suppose. I can still continue with the build by getting on with constructing the floor panels and bulkhead whilst I search for an Engine solution.

Later the same day....

I phoned a mate to see if there was anyone he works with who can Ali weld. He said not; but he knew a man who could, and he only works in the next village over. Result! So I'll arrange to take the engine up to him next week sometime and see if he can put things right.

However, even if the mounting point can't be welded to put it right, I've been thinking about the problem and reckon I can do a bit of backyard engineering to fix the situation. I think I can make a simple 'L' bracket in steel which I'll bolt to the block (once I drill and tap hole in the said block). This should do the trick. It'll also serve as a constant reminder of a stupid mistake made in the build. It'll give the car character, as if a Pembleton Grasshopper needs any more! Anyway, we'll see what the Ali welding bloke says first - but at least I'm not as pi55ed off as I was earlier.

A couple of weeks or so later...

Okay, it's now the 23rd of June. The latest is that I bought another dyane last week. I damaged my engine mount on a Sunday, went onto ebay that night and an MOT failed dyane had just been listed; fate at work. I won the auction for less than I was prepared to bid - the cost of 3 new 2cv wheels and tyres.

Donor Dyane No. 2.

I collected the car on Tuesday, started the strip down that afternoon and disposed of the last parts of the chassis today. I've spent the last 3 days stripping it down and cleaning the engine. Everything went pretty smoothly - easier second time around.

So I now have a 'new' engine all cleaned up and ready to install.

The donor car also had 4 good wheels and tyres, plus one brand new wheel and tyre under the bonnet (ie. the spare wheel). So I now have a good engine, 6 good wheels (one wheel was good from the old car) and a load of spare parts - or enough to build another pembleton after this one if I want :o)

I might still get the old engine ali welded, but now there's no rush. I'll just wait and see. I might just keep the old engine for spares.