Useful Links

Angus Deaton: Consumption, Poverty and Welfare

LaTeX related tools

If you are a graduate student and getting started with LaTeX ( we all know how frustrating it can be), here are some helpful guides (this is by no means the end all and be all of guides however)
  1. Dietrich Vollrath (University of Houston)
  2. Laudo M. Oguro (Grand State Valley University)

AEA- American Economic Association

Greg Mankiw's Blog

Econ Jeff

  1. The UCLA website on STATA is the most widely referred to resource for the program

Development Economics related Datasets

  1. BREAD - Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development
  2. IPUMS -  Microeconomics Census, CPS, International Data
  3. HMDC - Harvard - MIT Data Center 
  4. DISE - District Information for System Education (India)

Summer Programs

  1. TFAS - The Fund for American Studies. Excellent way to get some exposure in the nation's capital. In short, the summer program consists of taking summer classes at George Washington University, and staying there as well, and interning in some of Washington D.C.'s best places. Check it out to learn more. I did this a couple of years back as an undergraduate, so please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about the experience and such.
  2. AEA Summer and Scholarship Programs