Other Than Economics

I wanted to come up with a quirky "About Me" page name and the creative juices flowed and came up with what you see right now. Not the best, I agree.

Here's me in a snippet.
  1. I'm a proud Hyderabadi Bengali (Bengali by birth, Hyderabadi by existence - no idea what the difference is)
  2. I've lived in 6 different places, including my current location
  3. I can speak 5 different languages, and a little bit of a new language.
  4. Like all Bengalis (bongs as we are referred to), I dabbled in a bit of writing for a while.
  5. I decided to do the next very Bengali thing to do, which is become an Economist.
  6. I love to dance. Okay, let me reemphasize - I LOVE TO DANCE. I learned Kuchipudi and Odissi, and taught Bollywood dance for a while
  7. I love Harry Potter, I secretly want to be Hermione Granger, but don't we all (at least the girls)
  8. I want to open a dance school some day, and also get a dance degree
  9. Overachiever much?
  10. And not to forget - I went to University of Houston for my bachelor's degree and my graduate degree. True UH Coog at heart.

For more information on the 10 bullet points, you know where to find me. Also, if you'd ever like to get Bollywood in your veins, you know where to find me. Secretly, that means, PLEASE find me.