Welcome to Compras! Taiwan

Shopping from Taiwan is that easy!!


Welcome to Compras! TAIWAN

 Taiwan is a shopping paradise!! There are thousands of items for sale on Taiwan auction sites and web shops!! Lots of amazing items at amazing prices can be found in Taiwan!! Rare items from fashion outfits to high technology items, and even the items that you can find in the U.S, but with a much lower prices!

 Compras! TAIWAN is here for you to get your dream items from Taiwan.  
We help you place bids on Taiwan auctions, place order on Taiwan web shops and also handle payment and shipping! We make this simple and easy for you.

How to place an order? It's simple and easy. Submit a request here! 

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Popular websites!!

           Yahoo Auction TAIWAN!                                                              PChome

              Ruten.com Taiwan!                                                                    Books.com.tw 

                                                                              MOMO Shopping                                                                                                                            

    Above are the websites that most of our members love! Feel Free to let us know about your favorite Taiwan
    shopping sites!