HPPS Chapter 01

Harry Potter and the Prophecy of Shi.

A Harry Potter Crossover Fan-fiction by Sheya.

Chapter 01

Death Eaters and Prophecies


Albus Dumbledore sat heavily on a couch; he beckoned Harry to sit as well. Harry sat on the edge of a chair across from his Headmaster.

"Harry I have come to tell you..." he trailed off as Harry looked up at him, then he sighed. "As you know I sent Remus out to find some old friends of mine."

Harry nodded, "Yes... and?" He looked very worried.

Dumbledore looked at the teenager before him. "Well, you can tell that I don't have good news."

Harry looked even grimmer then before. "How bad is it?"

"I sent him to China, I have allies there, therefore I sent him with a message to them. I know he got to China- he contacted me from there but I haven't heard from him since, and that was two weeks ago."

"Two weeks..." Harry slumped back in the chair. "What could have happened?"

"He said that there was a group of Death Eaters following him at one point but he thought he lost them. He maybe be trying to loose them... he may have gotten lost, my friends are hard to find when they don't want to be found."

"Or he may be captured or dead."

"Yes, but I think if he was Voldemort would be gloating. You would know."

"Well, either he isn't gloating or Remus isn't in his clutches."

"I'm telling you this because I don't want to make the same mistakes. But you also must remember that if Voldemort gets wind of this he might try to trick you."

"I'll be careful, I can tell the difference between a trick and the real thing now."

"Yes, I must go... I can't send anyone out after him. He is the only one that won't get in trouble with them." Albus stood up and vanished with a crack.

As Harry walked back to his Aunt and Uncles house he stopped and said to himself... "Even if I know which are real and which are tricks that still doesn't stop the tricks from hurting me."

That night Voldemort found a new torture for Harry and Harry knew that some of those dreams were tricks but most of them were real- Voldemort had Remus.


"Tell me again why we need to come here Shan Pu?" A young male voice asked.

"Because, Stupid Masked Men are torturing another man... even if he is a male, Amazons can not let this go on." Replied a high sweet female voice.

"Ok, so why not let the Chinese government handle it... isn't criminal behavior their job?"

"Oh, that, Stupid Masked Men are using Magic, the government won't be able to deal with it." Replied the voice belonging to Shan Pu.

"Ahhh... you should have told me before... not that it will change the outcome."

As the two voices continued through the thick underbrush they fell silent, shortly they came upon a clearing.

"So," whispered the male voice, "How long have they been here torturing him?"

"Well they weren't here when the patrol came through 2 weeks ago but by the look of the camp they've been here for more then a week. What’re you gonna do?" A violet-haired beauty jumped to a tree branch, a raven-haired young man followed.

The girl had lilac colored eyes and was dressed in Chinese Amazon Armor. The boy had sky blue eyes and was dressed in a red silk sleeveless Chinese shirt and loose kung fu pants; he also wore a pair of bracers on his arms. They both wore soft Chinese shoes on their feet. "Ranma!" Shan Pu whispered in shock, "there is someone new there, lets get closer and listen."

"Yeah, sounds like they're talking in English... from England. Strange though I've never heard a native speaker hiss their ‘S’s like that. Even someone with a speech problem...."

"Stupid Snake Man should know to stay out of Amazon territory."

"Yeah, well if they weren't here that guy they've got would be in worse shape cause we wouldn't be there to get him out." They both silently jumped close to where all the foreigners were.

"Sssso, Remussss Lupin, did you really think that I would allow you to contact Dumbledore'sssss alliessss ssso easssily?" The 'Stupid Snake Man' asked his prisoner.

The prisoner looked up from where he was hanging "I... Are you hissing just to sound more snake like or is that really how you talk?" he asked weakly.

"Inssssolence... too many dayssss under my minionssss care... I sssshould have taken over your torture assss sssssoon assss I got here. However, I don't think I'll kill you jusssst yet. The longer I keep you alive the more true vissssion I can ssssend to Harry Potter. And then he will break fassssster."

"No...." The man identified as Remus started to struggle to get free.

"Muwahahahah, cruicio." The Snake Man pointed his wand at Remus and he stopped struggling and started screaming.

"They've been torturing him magically as well as mundanely, time to stop this... that man is powerful. Shan Pu, be ready to grab this Remus and run."

"Be careful, Ranma," Shan Pu took out a knife and slipped out of the tree.

"Yeah, I have learned the meaning of the word." Ranma also slipped into the underbrush. A few moments later he entered the camp and spoke in near perfect English. "Ya know stupid outsiders should not be torturing people in Amazon territory. So, I'll just have to stop you."

"Will you...? I Am Lord Voldemort the most feared Dark Lord in History."

"Stupid Snake Man should watch tongue when talk to Slayer of Gods."

Voldemort turned towards the new, to him, voice, and saw a girl holding his prisoner and slipping into the forest.

"Die! Woman... Advera..."

He however, was interrupted by a ball of blue energy knocking him through a tree.

"Don't forget about the Slayer of Gods."

He sat up spitting out bark and turned towards the one who was defying him and watched as the young man vanished into thin air, without the usual crack that heralded disapperation. He growled in frustration, cursed his Death Eaters and Disapperated away- pulling splinters out of his face.


Harry woke up from his dream smiling, as much because Remus was finally free as because Voldemort was pulling splinters out of his face. His scar hurt like molten metal was being poured on it but he was still very happy. However he was worried why the young man from the dream seemed so familiar.

He sat up and jumped out of bed and ran to his desk to write a letter to his Headmaster telling him about the dream. He was happy that his friend and teacher was safe but could not figure out why the dream followed the boy, Ranma, and the girl, Shan Pu. He also wondered why he understood Chinese, he hadn't even realized that they weren't speaking English until they mentioned that Voldemort was speaking a different language. He sent his letter out with Hedwig his Owl.

The next evening he got a reply.


When Hedwig came to me I was in a meeting with the staff. I felt that it was important so I read your letter right then, just after I finished, Sibyll went into a trance she said:

The Boy-Who-Lived is not alone;

he shall be the true Sorcerer.

When the God-Slayer appears,

the Warrior will join the fight. The Demon and his Priestess will bring victory closer.

When the number reaches Death, the Dark Lord shall fall.

The Boy-Who-Lived is not alone.

This is important, I believe that Shan Pu is an Amazon from the tribe to which my friends belong; but, Ranma, (a Japanese name) is not Amazon born. Moreover, maybe you will connect with them again. Ranma... Shan Pu called him the Slayer of Gods... also a way of saying God-Slayer.

We now have a clue to the Warrior. When Remus contacts us again I will ask him to investigate. As for you understanding Chinese... maybe because you connected with two people who knew both Chinese and English.

Albus Dumbledore.

Harry put down the letter and stared into the night.

"So, now I have allies, couldn't she have predicted them years ago?"

He then went to sleep.


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(The Weasley twins just found out about Ranma's curse)

Then the twins jumped Ranma trying to persuade him to tell them where the springs were, also asking him to spy on the girls dormitory. Ranma got tired of this and took out a bucket of water, don't ask where he got it, and doused them with it. Surprisingly a couple of blue-haired girls were in the twins place.

They looked at each other, looked down at their chests, screamed and passed out. Everyone else stared at Ranma.

"Instant Spring of Drowned Girl, it isn't permanent. I wonder how long it will take before they figure out how to reverse it?" Ranma smirked.

"That's... That's bloody brilliant."

"Yeah for once the jokes on them, they'll think it's permanent."

"You know they'll be disappointed that it isn't once they calm down." Ron, Harry and Ginny commented on the twins predicament.

"Almost worthy... nice prank Ranma." Harry complimented.

Ranma bowed, "I never could let loose in Nerima. Too many people who couldn't take a joke."

When the twins finally woke up Ranma, Ron, and Harry were talking and joking like old friends.

"Hey! Look Fredericka and Georgina have awakened." Ron pointed at his brothers turned sisters and laughed at their expressions.

"Great now we’re stuck as girls."