Harry Potter- Wizards and Witches, oh my

Harry Potter and the Prophecy of Shi

Spoilers for OOP New Prophecies and long lost relatives, welcome to my newest Crossover this one is, right now, Ranma, Harry Potter, and InuYasha, I may have cameos from others.

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Just a drabble... so umm no summary but it will only take a few seconds to read approx 147 words

Good Always Triumphs Over Evil in the End

Just a Drabble that I couldn't resist writing I thought it was funny I hope you do too.

Harry Potter and the Return of the Round

Harry and friends find out that there is a newly translated prophecy. It was written by Helga Huffelpuff but what does it have to do with them and who are the heirs? 255 characters are alowed in this new summary box . how nice

Reikai Arc

OOP Spoilers We all know that the book says that you can hear the voices of the dead in the veil. What if there was more to it? A Yu Yu Hakusho Harry Potter Crossover REVISED 3.4.7

Harry Potter and the Pokemon Wizard

I edited the first chapter again but now that I have tried to upload in it's GONE. Gotta do it again- drat. Harry Potter Pokemon Crossover. Ash goes to Hogwarts and....

Harry Potter and the Two Wishes

A new family moves to Privet Drive. They bring with them hope for Harry... and just what are the DragonBalls?

Harry Potter and the Power of the Moon

AU Senshi get involved with the Wizarding world now what is Pluto up to and why does she need Moon's help