Topaz - Where Flights of Fancy Rule

You are standing on a cliff over looking a large Island. As you look around you notice that there is a city off in the distance around a cove. The water sparkles in the sunlight and you see various sized houses and manors dotting the landscape around the city. As you turn around you notice that the Island seems to be surrounded by nothing but clouds. While you were looking around a young woman approaches you and waits patiently for you to notice her. As you turn towards her she smiles at you, "Hi, I'm Sheylenna Jenna but you may call me Sheya. This is my home. The Island and City are both called Topaz. This is the entrance to the multiverse called Dark Ages. It is called such because the realms that you will encounter will have many mysteries of magic even in a technological setting. If you will follow the signs you will have no trouble navigating this realm. Please enjoy your stay." Sheya turns around and vanishes from sight. You turn around and walk down the trail to the forest.

As you continue you see a red haired woman, She turns toward you and says "Hi I'm Rieanna, pleased to meet you." She smiles at you and then turns around "This is the land where anything is possible. You will probably enjoy your stay. Have a nice day." She wanders to the edge of the cliff spreads her wings and flys away.

You come upon a clearing in the trees. In this clearing you see a table with a black haired young woman with a striking resemblence to Sheya. You walk up to her and she greets you.

"Hi, I'm Roxanne. You if you are new - if you wish, you can E-mail Sheylenna and she will tell you when new realms open. She will also tell you when old ones have opened up more."

When you finally reach the city you read the "City Directory " to find the hotels and then look at the street signs to find the places to go.

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