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Here is my RESUME (below) and lists of various experiences:
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My FB Graphics page (CAD, 3D, etc):

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Samples of 3D work:

Here's an episode of the Wizard Hunters series, which I much work on:

Same series-I did all of the dust and explosion effects/comping:

My Pond5 page HERE (featuring stuff shown on Destination America):

Previous and current clients include:
Hollywood Home Entertainment, Sahuarita AZ.
Uphill Pictures, Tucson AZ.
Adante Productions, Melbourne AU.
Dramatic Imagery Productions, Tucson AZ.
Stormfront Films, Santa Monica, CA.
Parivision Entertainment, Staten Island NY.
Tucson Media Studios, Tucson AZ.

Unsealed Alien Files-TV show on Destination America, Discovery Networks: shot of alien spacecraft flying over pyramids.

EcoCowboys-Hollywood Home Entertainment: TV and Web-based series development and production, graphics and animation.

Wizard Hunters Web Series-Uphill Pictures: visual fx supervision for web series.

Corporate videos for various clients-Hollywood Home Entertainment: 3D Modeling from client-supplied engineering data. Various motion graphics and animations.  Offline editing, video format conversion and production supervision.

After Effects compositing for TV commercials “Dr Drew”-Tucson Media Studios. Composited outdoor elements to indoor set. Fixed problems with keying “bleed-through”.

It Envies The Living-Dramatic Imagery Productions: Created shot of hell sequence with particles and real fire footage using Maya and After Effects. Composited green-screened actor into shot, as well as various motion tracking and visual FX animation.

Mutant Vampire Zombies from the Hood-Stormfront Films (Thunder Levin, Dir.): Created 2 FX shots and "slit-scan" main title sequence using Maya and After Effects. FX include solar flare enveloping Earth, utilizing animated texture maps in Maya. Also provided pre-vis and main title graphic cards.

Animated Logo design for Stormfront Films: Created sequence using Maya and After Effects showing ship in turbulent ocean, with camera pullout to space revealing hurricane. Modeled and textured ship, hurricane cone, hurricane/earth in Maya, as well as used expression tools to create water motion.  Created 2K texture maps in Photoshop, as well as did all final effecting, compositing and color correction in After Effects. Also supplied sound effects.

Pre-vis for two action films for Adante Productions: created animatics using Maya showing extended car chase sequence, bank robbery sequence/gunfight, gun battle in warehouse and fight sequence inside moving car. Output to PAL.

Pre-vis animatics, modeling test and visual effects test for film demo, "The Man in the Machine" Stormfront Films.

Visual effects, animation and graphics for Parivision Entertainment (various productions): Job duties included particle effects (meteor re-entry /fire /explosions), 3D modeling, compositing and animating, physical model construction, fire/ explosion effects, promotional graphics, digital art and pre-vis animatics. Also created lightning FX to be composited over background plate.

Character animation, modeling, sound and editing for project "Robodans Outpost"-school project for Academy of Art College in San Francisco: Modeled, lit, textured and animated project in Maya, created and edited all sound fx as well as edited entire production in After Effects.

Animation and graphics for movie concept/script presentation CD-ROM for Stormfront Films. Also helped assemble and code for dual-platform (Mac/PC) format.

Main title sequence, digital art, animation and compositing for 20's newsreel recreation (including  faded film/scratch effects) for Anthcis Entertainment, NY.

3D character modeling and animating, editing, compositing and sound design for project "Toonzs Hotel and Spa", Spillar Studios, Tucson Az.


Arcadia Custom, Tucson AZ: CAM/CAD programming for laser cutting.

Sierra Steel Fabricators, Tucson AZ: CAD detailing and project management for structural steel fabricating.

GolfBlinkers, Green Valley AZ: Created packaging graphics.

Standard Structures Inc., Windsor CA: Created graphics for design manuals, publications & corporate website.

Seaver Franks AIA, Tucson AZ: CAD/architectural drafting. Commercial projects and custom homes.

HBK Services, Scottsdale AZ: CAD/shop & detail drawings for engineered wood roof systems. Also produced engineering calculations using in-house software.

Standard Structures Inc., Windsor CA: CAD/shop & detail drawings for engineered wood roof systems. Job duties included creating shop layout drawings, as well as creating bills of materials, coversheets and special shop/installation instructions using Excel and various other programs. Also produced engineering calculations using in-house software as well as software development assistance.


Development and coding for FDraw system, using Icon and Unicon programming languages.
MEL scripting - Goat optical FX generator and Scrimshaw interface for Maya.
(code available HERE:


CNC/CAD-CAM plastics machining.

Spent high school years in video production, documenting sports events, local rock bands and produced a local public access news show.

Worked as a lighting and sound technician for local theatrical companies.

Filmed and edited movies in 8MM and 16MM.

Worked as an extra in the Roger Corman film, "Humanoids from the Deep".

Worked as a generator assistant on the film "Dead and Buried" (Produced by Ronald Shusett and Dan O'Bannon).

Working in the music and sound engineering field, selling and maintaining high end music gear, sound equipment and software, as well as live and studio sound engineering. Worked in many recording studios including Heithaus Productions Tucson AZ, Temple Studio Albion CA and Dolby Laboratories San Francisco CA.

Composed music for film Toilet Gator (Jonathan M. Parisen, Dir.)
Electric guitar and writing assistance for Alfavalova project (Eric Heithaus, producer)

Playing music both solo and in various bands, as well as recording. Instrument duties included electric and acoustic guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, MIDI instrument usage, keyboards and sequencer/drum machine programming.

Maya, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Gimp, Blender, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, AutoCAD, various custom programs.

Windows XP+7, Mac OSX, IRIX and Linux.

3D Modeling and Animation, Academy of Art College, San Francisco CA.
Programming (C and Java), Pima Community College, Tucson AZ.
CAD/Manual Drafting-Design, NRI Schools (Distance Learning), Washington D.C.
Painting and Commercial Illustration, College of the Redwoods, Fort Bragg CA.
Computer Technology, College of the Redwoods, Fort Bragg CA.