Shanto Roy

Ph.D. Candidate (Expected Spring 2024), 

University of Houston

Graduate Teaching Assistant  (Jan 2022 - Present)

Graduate Research Assistant (Sep 2019 - Dec 2021)

Major: Computer and Information Science

Concentration: Cyber Security

Lab: Networked Systems Laboratory (2022-present), Resilient Networks and Systems (RNS) Lab (2019-present)

E-mail:  shantoroy@ieee.org or  sroy10@uh.edu

  sroy.iitju@gmail.com (personal)

You can also find me in:

As a Ph.D. student at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Houston, I specialize in Cyber Deception, IoT Security, Privacy, Data Analytics & ML, and the Cloud-IoT ecosystem. I have been exploring these topics since 2016 and have published my research findings extensively.

Before joining the University of Houston, I worked as a lecturer in the Department of CSE at the Green University of Bangladesh. Currently, my research focuses on Cyber Deception and Adversarial Reconnaissance. My team and I are working on developing strategies to deceive attackers inside a compromised network.

I thrive on collaboration with other researchers and have completed multiple projects and publications in partnership with others. My passion for technology extends beyond research, and I have taken vendor courses and exams in areas like RHCSA, RHCE, OpenStack, and CCNA. My goal is to expand my knowledge in DevSecOps or SRE to further enhance my expertise in System Administration.

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