Shanto Roy

Site Reliability Engineer, Charles Schwab

Ph.D. (2024) and MS (2022), University of Houston

Graduate Teaching Assistant  (Jan 2022 - May 2024)

Graduate Research Assistant (Sep 2019 - Dec 2021)

Major: Computer and Information Science

Concentration: Cyber Security

Lab: Networked Systems Laboratory (2022-present), Resilient Networks and Systems (RNS) Lab (2019-present)

E-mail:  shantoroy@ieee.org or  sroy10@uh.edu

  sroy.iitju@gmail.com (personal)

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I completed my Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Houston in 2024, followed by an MS in 2022. I specialize in cyber deception, IoT security, privacy, data analytics, machine learning, and the cloud-IoT ecosystem. I also have expertise in SysAdmin, DevOps, and different security and privacy domains. 

During my Ph.D., I interned at Charles Schwab as a Site Reliability Engineer in the summer of 2023, which gave me industry exposure. Before joining the University of Houston, I worked as a lecturer in the Department of CSE at the Green University of Bangladesh. 

I have accumulated approximately seven years of academic experience, encompassing research and teaching roles. Now, I am poised to transition into the industry to broaden my expertise and gain valuable insights into technology deployment and business strategies. I aim to merge my research and development background from academia with practical industry experience, paving the way for continued success and expertise in the future.

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