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Reenergized 23 December 2019


SFVNA Security Patrol

Next Patroller Class will be held on 24 April 2021 @0800am. Want to be a part of our Security Patrol contact Russ @

Contact Russ to join!

505-585-1909 or

Lock your cars at all times, burglars are trying to get into your cars/trucks! Try not to leave valuables, remotes, phones, purses, computers in cars! They will be stolen! After midnight criminals (Nightcrawlers) are looking!

Picture of Our Village circa. 1980's

Can you find your house? Probably not!

Our Rosemary Corner L'il Library is here. Corner of Sedge and Rosemary, take a book leave a book! ABQ 2021 calendars available inside!

National Park Service is your neighbor, protect our beautiful lands!

Holiday Lights Contest Winners:

2020 6909 Sedge 1st Place $100 M'tucci gift card

7320 Bangor 2nd Place $50 Gift card


6709 Astair, NW 1st Place

Jingle All the Way!


5109 Valentino, NW 2nd Place



7208 Montano, NW 3rd Place

Great display!

2019 Holiday Lights Contest Awards totaled over $250! Please support and thank these Sponsors: M'Tucci's, Jinja, Mimmo's, Applebee’s, The Garage, Spinn's, and Applebee's. Thanks also to the volunteer judges: Barb, Ben, Tony, Earl, the Jiron family, and Bruce.

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Entry Sign at Dellyne repaired by Randy Holt and Russ Pogensee

SFVNA Park Play Area

Board Meetings are held on the 3rd Friday of each month, at 7:00 pm. As of 21 August 2020 meetings are held virtually via Zoom. If you would like to view meeting email If you have questions or concerns submit to this email.

Neighbors, with this year's events people are staying close to home. We at the SFVNA are continually trying to improve our/your neighborhood! We can't do it alone. Get involved! We are meeting virtually monthly, but only board members are present- we need ideas even now how we can make life easy and a bit more relaxing. Won't you get involved!? 1030 families here but only 8 involved; the board members, that's sad! Email us!