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Meet the MC of Dia 2017:


Josué Guadarrama M.A. is a Counseling Psychology doctoral candidate at Washington State University. He is currently an APA intern therapist at Marin County Behavioral Health & Recovery Services. Josué is a frequent expert panelist and producer for the Cuerpo Corazón Comunidad psycho-educational Spanish radio program. He introduced social media platforms for the show to reach and engage the audience via live video. He is also a guest radio host and a recurrent speaker at community events addressing both professional and non-professional audiences across generations. Josué is often invited to train clinicians on psychological theory, and is esteemed as an articulate, energetic and engaging presenter. Josué enjoys traveling, spending time with friends, and helping others live to their full potential. He believes that humankind is linked together by a common destiny that is to be constructed by all of us.


Josué Guadarrama M.A. es candidato doctoral de Psicología de Consejería en la Universidad del Estado de Washington (WSU). Actualmente es terapeuta en Marin County Behavioral Health & Recovery Services. Josué sirve de panelista experto y productor para el programa de radio psico-educativo Cuerpo Corazón Comunidad. Él introdujo plataformas de medios sociales para que el programa llegue y enlace a la audiencia por video en vivo. También ejerce como locutor invitado y orador recurrente en eventos comunitarios para audiencias de profesionales y no profesionales de varias generaciones. Frecuentemente Josué es invitado a instruir a terapistas en teoría psicológica, y es estimado como un presentador articulado, enérgico y estimulante. Josué disfruta viajar, pasar tiempo con amigos, y ayudar a otros a vivir su máximo potencial. Él cree que la humanidad está unida entre sí por un destino común que debe ser construido por todos.

Performing in 2017:

Baila Baila

Baila Baila concerts are an amazing energy filled interactive show. 

Isa plays her guitar and rocks out with her Baila Baila band entizing
everybody to dance and have fun.

Cherry Hoops 

Cherry Hoops will bring armloads of hoops, a portable sound system,

 and child-friendly music to help you celebrate!  We can provide demonstrations, 

teach short lessons, organize games, and facilitate a free-form hoop dance party!


Fun filled family entertainment

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“…It’s a great…fun and diverse event that really serves the neighborhood’s community”.

“So well organized! Super helpful volunteers! We love the music and it’s engaging for the whole family”.

“I really like the educational aspect of the stations, poetry and live reptiles”.

“We love bringing our kids to this event each year.  They look forward to coming, watching the performers, doing the activities and it’s great that it connects fun with reading”.

“This is so much fun.  This is our first time coming to this event. Our friends invited us to join them here and we are definitely coming back.  My kids were so excited about the activities they went through and did them all”.