The main goal of our research is to better understand the biological functions and their molecular mechanisms of metabolism-based signaling regulations. Currently, we employ all levels of biochemical, cell biological, and mouse models of metabolism signaling research to identify the ways in which nutrients or hormones regulates the physiological functions of metabolic tissues and organs. Our major interests include inositol polyphosphate biosynthetic pathway and its signaling roles in the control of major physiologic processes in mammals. We strongly believe obtained molecular and biological information can guide us to the development of improved treatments of medical conditions such as diabetes, inflammation as well as cancer.

Inositol Polyphosphate (IP) Biosynthesis (Lee et al. Mol Cells 2021)

Biological roles of PP-IPs in physiology and diseases. PP-IPs as versatile signaling molecules play various biological actions in different cells/organs and pathological conditions, including cancer. (Lee et al. Molecules 2020)