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  • Our paper "Low magnetic damping of ferrimagnetic GdFeCo alloys" has been accepted for Physical Review Letters. This experimental work address the magnetic damping of GdFeCo, a ferromagnet with the angular momentum compensation temperature where the net angular momentum vanishes. By refuting the previous belief that the magnetic damping of the material diverges at the compensation temperature, we showed that in fact the magnetic damping is small and almost independent of temperature in a wide range spanning the compensation temperature.

January 2019

  • Our paper "Domain wall dynamics in easy-cone magnets" has been published in Physical Review B. This work is on the dynamics of a domain wall in easy-cone magnets, which are induced by an external field, spin-transfer torque, spin superfluid. Both analytical and numerical techniques are used for the research.
  • Our paper "Tunable Magnonic Thermal Hall Effect in Skyrmion Crystal Phases of Ferrimagnets" has been accepted for publication in Physical Review Letters. This work presents a new theory for magnon transport in topological spin-textured ferrimagnets that can include ferromagnets and antiferromagnets as two special cases and shows that the unique tunability of ferrimagnets leads to the new control of magnon transport therein.

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